Are your bikes collection only or can they be delivered?

Bikes can be collected in Wigan or delivered  within UK for £24.99 plus insurance based on the price of the bike

International delivery can be arranged as well, give us a call for price to your country

What are your opening times?

Your best bet is to book an appointment over the phone

Do you offer any free services?

Of course, we offer a free bike check up with an estimated price for a repair or an upgrade.

Can you build me a dream bike?

Absolutely! Just tell us what your dream bike should look like, we'll check if all the components are compatible and we can start building! Deposit required

Can I trade-in my bike for one of yours?

There's a good chance that you can, bring it with you and we can take a look together at your options

How long does it take to repair my bike?

It depends on what kind of repair it is, e.g. punctures, gear and brake adjustments can be done the same day or even on the spot. Repairs or upgrades that require us to order parts can take up to a week